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Logistical Quality Management

Ensure Quality Is Maintained

When we send an order to be manufactured, our team personally watches over the entire process. We don’t outsource it or hire someone else, our trained team of individuals watch over your production and know what to watch out for with manufacturing. With sending one of our expert team members to our international or domestic manufacturing sites in person helps us ensure that your company is getting the very best there is.

Quality Logistics

WJR pattern-making

Correct Construction

Our team ensures that when an order is placed that each style of apparel is being followed exactly to the patterns and samples that we created for your company or the ones your company provides to us. 

Our team will check from the patterns, samples, grading, and techpacks to make sure that the order is all being constructed correctly.

Great End Product

Our ultimate goal is to have the best product for your company and your customers. Apparel and Clothing that your company will be proud to have and show off, whether that is just for employees or for retail, we are here to make sure that your company has a great end product.

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How We Manage Quality

International Logistics

Our hired team of clothing and apparel professional personally watch over your international manufacturing order to ensure quality.

Domestic Logistics

Similar to how we work internationally our hired team watches over your full order, if it is made at our facility or another facility, we will be there to ensure quality.

Shipping Logistics

We have a strong network of reliable shipping carriers that we have grow to trust and rely on. They will help ensure that your order is being shipped correctly and in a orderly fashion.

Have Us Handle Manufacturing

Let your company do what is best and let us do what we do best, we will ensure that your order is made correctly and professionally.