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Production & Manufacturing

What Is Production

Production is the term we use here at WJR Design & Manufacturing for the full manufacturing and shipping phase of design and manufacturing process. After everything is setup from Pre-Production your company will be able to manufacture as much at any given time and at any amount that is best for your company.


Production is the moment when you have all the necessary information the manufacturer needs to create your styles. This is when you run samples with your manufacturer to make sure that the styles and samples you have from pre-production are being produced to the correct speciation. After that, you will be able to manufacture as much as your company wants.

WJR wholesale of shirts


With our manufacturing facility or with one of our partnered manufacturing facilities, we will be able to produce any large-sized order for your company. If your company is looking to manufacture outside of China we have partnered with manufactures in other parts of Asia, Europe, and South America.

*Note: MOQ Is 500.

What We Have Manufactured

We have manufactured a lot of clothing in our years in business, here is a small list of styles of clothing we have manufactured before in the past.

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