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Our Service Prices

Look at our prices for clothing design services and marketing services

Design & Manufacturing

The clothing design and manufacturing process can be a long and tedious for your business, that is why we have assembled a team of fashion experts to get your designs made at a professional price.

Pre-Production Design & Prototyping Packages

Not sure where to start with creating and designing your products, that is why we have created design and prototyping packages for your business, so you can get the products you need at a great price.


Our team have several years of clothing industry experiences and that comes with marketing. From digital marketing, creating a marketing plan, to having professional photos taken of your products, our prices are best for you.

Logistics Quote

Handling clothing and apparel manufacturing without proper experience can cost your company tens of thousands if not millions of dollars in production mistakes, we can create a quote for your company to insure you are receiving the best product possible.