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What Is Pre-Production

Pre-Production is the term we use here at WJR Design & Manufacturing to say design and prototyping. All of the design, prototyping, and creation of digital applications (i.e. digital patterns, techpacks, etc.) must all be done before your product is able to move forward into manufacturing and production. Pre-Production is a very crucial part of the process that sets the foundation on which everything will be built for your product.  

Apparel Design & Prototyping

Our team has over 25+ years of clothing design, prototyping, and fitting experience. With our skills we take your ideas and designs and turn them into something real. We take you through the whole design and prototyping process to make sure that your company is getting the exact product and are happy with the end result.

Pattern Making

Patterns are the physical blueprints for every style of clothing. Without patterns, you will not be able to design your clothing to the style you are wanting. Our Designers will make these patterns to your specifications and will be used during the design and manufacturing process.

Sample Prototyping

Samples and prototypes are the first physical products from your styles. From there you and our designers well work from that sample to see if it fits correctly and is the style your company is looking for.

Sketches & Illustrations

Our design and sketch artist has designed for large brands all over the world, with professional training in Italy, France, and here in the United States. Have your collection and styles hand-sketched to show investors, company officials, and/or to display at your business.

Graphic Designs

have our graphic designers create digital renderings for your company. With these renderings it will help our designers understand the look and feel of your style better, it will also help out the manufacturer to see how the end product should look like.

Grading & Sizing

Grading, Sizing, and Fitting is the section during the design and manufacturing process that companies make the most mistakes with. Millions of dollars have been wasted with inaccurate grading and sizing for clothing. Our team takes pride in never having one grading, sizing, and fitting error during the manufacturer processes throughout our 25+ year history. We are here to help your company not make those mistakes that will cost your company.

Size Spec/Spec Sheet

A garment specification (spec) sheet, or measurement table, is a technical document that contains all construction details of the garment. It looks like a technical diagram or a sketch of a garment, including all of its measurements. Spec sheets are used by designers to communicate design concepts to manufacturers


Technical Pack (TechPack) is a blueprint of a final garment. It contains all the technical specifications and design details that make your product unique. It is the tool used by our designers to communicate your styles, designs, and specifications to the manufacturers.

Fabric Sourcing

sourcing the correct fabric for your styles can be time-consuming, hard, and at times lead to nothing being found. With our connections to manufacturers and distributors, our team can find the correct fabric for your styles.

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