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Overseas Manufacturing Consulting

International Manufacturing Experts

Our team has over 25+ years of experience in overseas apparel manufacturing. We have personally seen, experienced, and worked overseas to know where problems come from and how to successfully manage overseas and international manufacturing. WJR Design & Manufacturing has help companies save companies millions of dollars in potential mistakes and incorrect orders. Our team can help consult your company’s team on our years of experience to insure your team is prepared and ready for potential problems that may arise during manufacturing.

What Our Experts Can Consult On

Insuring Quality

Overseas manufacturers try to cut corners sometimes on their quality to cut their costs, and sometimes you can’t see it until your customers or employees are using the garment. We will help train you and your team on what to look for to insure quality is maintained during manufacturing.

Handling International Manufacturers

International manufacturers work different that then what you might find here in the United States or in Europe. This can be many factors from work culture or industry skill and knowledge, it’s important to know how to work with international manufacturers and how they work.

Customs & Shipping

Dealing with customs and shipping is always one of the biggest headaches to deal with, especially if something gets held up in customs. We will share experiences and knowledge on how to deal with customs and what is the best way to handle different situations.

Sourcing Credible Manufacturers

It is easy to source overseas manufacturers in this day and age, but there is a big gap between finding a manufacturer and finding a credible and reliable manufacturer, that is something you cannot find online easy. We will help your team find and use credible manufacturers.

Geographical Manufacturing

Depending on where you are wanting to manufacture in the world; Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, and even here in North America there is industry knowledge to know what regions of the world are good for what kind of apparel manufacturing.

Management Techniques

Managing both international manufacturing and your local team is a skill that is learned and not a gift that is bestowed upon a few, it will save you and your team headaches, time, and money when projects are managed in a way that the team and supervisors know what to do.

How We Offer Consulting

Small Business

One-On-One Consulting

Looking to get one-on-one consulting for your company and business, we can consult with you on the different areas of help you are wanting/needing for your company to operate with overseas manufacturing.

Team Consulting

Having a team in which the weight of overseas manufacturing can be lighter will make international manufacturing not as bad and more bearable. With our teams knowledge and some management skills you can use, you will be able to unite your team with a common goal and motivate them to do the best they can.

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Questions About Our Consulting Service

Here are some of the most asked questions about our overseas manufacturing consulting:

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