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We Know Fashion Marketing

Our team here at WJR Design & Manufacturing has worked with and for small & large clothing companies throughout the world. We know how to get your company brand going in the world, what works best, and how to grow your brand into something people will follow.

Marketing For Apparel Retail & eCommerce

Photoshoot & Videography

Photos and Videos of your products, brand, and mission are at the heart of apparel marketing, and professional content will only help your brand stand out from the competition.

Digital Marketing

From Social Media Marketing to Subscriber Emails, Digital Marketing is the tool to keep your customers coming back for more, and with the right tools you can build a brand overnight.

Website Design

A good looking website is trustworthy website, and a website that matches your brand and mission builds loyal following, your website is your revenue maker. It has to look the best it can.

Marketing Plan

We say the marketing plan is the foundation on which your whole brand and mission will be built off of. Make sure you hit the ground running with a great marketing plan to build your brand.

Information Is Power

We Help Build eCommerce Stores

WJR Website Design Services

Professional Brand Website

The more professional your website is, the higher chance you will have that someone will buy something from your store. Have graphic designer build you a website or redesign your website to represent more of your brand.

Product Photoshoots

Every store needs pictures of their products, and the more professional your images are the higher chance to close that sale with your customer. Learn more about our photoshoot studio here at WJR Design & Manufacturing.

WJR Collection Photoshoot

Get Expert Help!

Your success is our success, we want to help your business grow and be as successful as possible. Let us know how we can help and we would love to meet!