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Global Apparel Manufacturing Logistics

WJR Design & Manufacturing has over 25+ of global apparel manufacturing experience. We have a network, system, and experts that personally watch over your manufacturing to ensure quality is maintained during production, timely manner of production, and handle shipping of order.

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Your Brand

You have your products, your lines, and styles that help define what your business is and where it is going. You should have your styles made to the exact specifications that your company is expecting.

Whatever your style of apparel may be; Uniforms, Activewear, Dresses, etc. You deserve the best for your business to succeed.

Have It Made

We personally oversee all of the manufacturing and production of your order. We are not like other logistics companies that hire someone overseas to oversee your manufacturing, we have one of our experienced team members fly out to the manufacturing location and personally make sure that your product is being made to your specifications and with an expert overseeing the manufacturing they will be able to know if the quality is good or not.

Whether you are having your products manufactured domestically or being manufactured internationally we will make sure that your products are made right for your company.

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Shipped To You

Shipping, Customs, Fees, and all of the other legal challenges that come with international manufacturing can be a headache and nightmare for your company, we give our best and handle all of these troubles for your business so your business can keep doing what they do best.

Let us save your company time and money to ensure that you are getting the best product possible and not wasting time worrying about the “What If’s” with international shipping and manufacturing.

Wondering What Products We Have Manufactured Before

Check out our portfolio page to see what products we have made before, and what products we can help manufacture for your company.