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International Manufacturing Logistics

Manufacturing Apparel Internationally

Manufacturing clothing and apparel internationally can be a headache, time waster, and worse of all an expensive process, especially if the products you receive from the manufacturer are defective. It is sometimes a shot in the dark on what you are going to get unless you watch over it personally, and if you are you have to make sure who’s watching over the manufacturing knows what they are looking out for.

We watch over and make sure that order is shipped in a timely manner and that all duties are taken care of, so your business can focus on what they do best.

How We Work Internationally

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Personally Oversee Production

We don’t hire out our work to a local overseas provider because we have heard to many things still going wrong even when someone is watching over manufacturing. Professional Members of our team personally fly out to our manufacturing locations to oversee our clients orders for manufacturing. This ensures that all of our clients are getting the best possible product and that the manufacturer is not cutting corners to save costs at your expense. 

Shipping & Customs

Shipping, Customs, & Duties can take a lot of time and can be a major headache for companies. We have worked with carriers and companies to make sure that your order gets shipped correctly and that it gets through customs faster and that all the duties are taken care of.

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We Handle The Manufacturing & Shipping

We personally make sure that your order is manufactured to the highest quality and shipped in a orderly manner.