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Everyone now and days want everything to be made in the USA, which we completely agree. We are working hard to bring back clothing and apparel manufacturing to the USA and bring the trade skills that have been lost to overseas providers.

We will be able to manufacture your products here at our WJR Manufacturing Facility or at one of our many partnered manufacturing facilities here in the USA. 

What To Know Manufacturing Apparel Domestically

WJR Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Quality

There is a common misconception that just because the product is made in the US that the quality is automatically higher, which just isn’t the case. With industry skill and knowledge mainly with overseas providers, usually the quality for complex items won’t be as high as they would be overseas, and to ensure that quality is good here domestically it will be more expensive. 

But in the coming years there should hopefully be a bigger shift from overseas providers to domestic manufacturing and more of the knowledge and skills will return with it.

Textile & Product Sourcing

With sourcing fabrics, accessories, and other pieces used on constructing the product, these items are usually sourced from overseas providers like China, Vietnam, Etc. To have a full product made just out of textiles and accessories sourced here in the US is currently not possible. There will be parts of your product that have been sourced from oversea suppliers (i.e. Zipper, Fabric, Thread, Packaging, Etc.).

We will work hard to ensure that if your company is wanting as much items sourced out the US, that we will try our best to source everything correctly for your order. 

WJR Fabric rolls for sourcing fabric

Apparel We Have Manufactured Domestically

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Our Manufacturing Facility Capabilities

*Note: Our facility is a cut and sew facility only, we do not offer packaging at this current time. Our MOQ if 500 per style and color.

Start Manufacturing Domestically

Let’s see if we can make your order here domestically, follow the link below and see if we can help your company start manufacturing today in the US.