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Digital Marketing

Marketing In The Digital World

We now live in the digital world and now marketing takes place both in the real world and in the digital world, we are here to help make your brand make a mark in the digital world. From Social Media, Emails, and Advertisements, we are here to keep people coming back to your brand.

Forms Of Digital Marketing

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Digital content will keep your followers engaged with your brand and will help them remember to come back and buy more in the future from your brand. 

Content can be posts on social media, email campaigns, interactions with customers online, blogs, and news articles about your brand. All these help your business stay up to date and on the minds of your customers.


Advertisements are what you pay to get your business name directly in front of potential future customers, and if a customer sees your ad enough they might just come take a look at what you got.

You can advertise in many ways from Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and Video Ads you can put yourself in front of future customers.

Marketing Meeting
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Show Off

What we mean by show off is getting influencers and media outlets excited about your products you are selling. If these sources show off your products and are excited about them, that is a great way to get your brand out there fast and successfully. 

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media

Show who your business is and build a clientele following that is loyal to your company and brand. We post, design, and keep your social media accounts up to date.

Email Marketing

Keep your clients coming back to your company. Email marketing is what helps your company’s know what is new with your company and has them coming back for more.

Digital Content

We have personally designed high-end digital content used for websites, social media, promotional content, and branding for many businesses. This can help your company stand out as more professional and trustworthy.


Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) marketing is advertising on web services such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. to have your company more known through advertising on pages, feeds, or search results. We use keywords we have researched for your company to have your ads be the most effective.

Affiliate Marketing

We use several different affiliate marketing companies and individuals that we have personally networked with to help bring the other affiliates to help promote and bring awareness to your company. With blog posts, influencers, news articles, and many more options we can do.

Digital Marketing Analytics

We analyze and audit all your companies analytics gathered from all of our sources such as; Google Analytics, Facebook, Search Results, and more that we share with your company to help make the best decisions moving forward.

Digital Marketing Service Packages

Starter Package

Great For Small Online Stores
$ 2,650 Monthly
  • Social Media Marketing (5 Monthly Posts + 2 Stories + Page Analytics)
  • Monthly Website SEO Upkeep, Website Security, Google Analytics, & Website Support
  • 2 Monthly Email Campaigns.
  • Expert Marketing Support

Advanced Package

Great For Established Stores
$ 4,595 Monthly
  • Social Media Marketing (10 Monthly Posts + 5 Stories, + Page Analytics)
  • Advance Website SEO, Website Security, Google Analytics, & Website Support
  • 5 Monthly Email Campaigns
  • Monthly PPC Google Ad Campaign + Social Media Ad Campaign
  • Individualized Marketing Plan/Strategy Meeting
  • Expert Marketing Support

V.I.P Package

Best For Large Stores & Brands
$ 6,850 Monthly
  • Social Media Marketing (20 Monthly Posts + 10 Stories, + Page Analytics + Viral Trending Insights + Influencer Finding)
  • V.I.P Website SEO, Website Security, & Google Analytics, & Prioritized Website Support
  • 10 Monthly Email Campaigns
  • V.I.P Monthly PPC Google Ad Campaign + Social Media Ad Campaign
  • V.I.P Business Marketing Plan/Strategy Meeting
  • Expert Marketing Support