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Designing & Manufacturing

For over 25 years our team of fashion designers, graphic designers, sample makers, marketers, and clothing manufacturing experts have worked on so many different projects we have stopped keeping track. Our end goal is to always insure that our customers get the best world-class service and products that they cannot find anywhere else.


Our WJR Team Has Been Trained In Schools & Companies All Around The World

Our Team For You

We have created this world-trained team so your company can rely on us to do all the heavy design and manufacturing work.

Fashion Designers

Trained Clothing & Fashion Designers

Designers Of All Clothing

There has not been a project that our team has not been able to deliver on, from athletic clothing, uniforms, to heavy winter clothing.


We Enjoy Teaching & Training Individuals Industry Skills

Giving Back

We believe it doesn't help to just keep the knowledge to ourselves, that is why we have helped train corporate businesses and retailers on clothing industry skills.
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Let’s Bring It To Life

We Are Here For You

Our team here at WJR and our other businesses love bringing your ideas to life, and we truly love to see the success that a lot of our clients have been able to have because of our help. Talk with us and let us know how we can help your company.

Clothing Speaks

Everyone’s style speaks for itself. How one looks lets us know who they associate with, who they are, and where they might be going. Whether it is polo for a sales company, a businessman suit, or athletic gym clothing, clothing speaks to who we are and who we want to become.