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Clothing Fashion Designers Prototyping Pattern Making Manufacturing Logistics Marketing Experts Uniform Samples

Professional Clothing Designers, Apparel Manufacturing Experts, Experienced Retail Marketers

World-Class Clothing Designers

Save time and money with one of our world-trained fashion and clothing professionals. Have collections made for your business every year or have our designers create the styles you want just for what you need. With our designers trained in schools located in Italy, France, New York, Los Angeles, and China they know everything from patterns, samples, prototypes, tech packs, and international manufacturing logistics. 

Experienced Fashion Designers

Our team of designers have over 25+ years of clothing design and prototyping, we insure that your company gets the designs you are wanting.

Clothing Manufacturing Experts

Have our experts handle all of the manufacturing, we insure that your design is going to be manufactured to the highest standard.

Apparel Production Logistics Experts

Have an expert do all of the manufacturing logistics for your company. From quality control to timely shippements.

Experienced Retail Marketers

With over 25+ years of industry experience, our team can help your business stand out in the world with our marketing help.

Our Services


Our team will custom make your design in our design studio. We will create all the necessary patterns, prototypes, grading, and techpack.


We can manufacturer your design on a large scale at one of local or international manufacturing locations.


We insure that your company's design is being manufactured on time, to the highest standard, and to the highest quality.


Our team has spent many years in the clothing industry and know the skill to help your brand, clothing, and store look the best.


Just needing your designs printed on already existing clothing? Our facility can digitally/screen print on your clothing styles.

Build Your Clothing Collection

Whether you are a retail company or private enterprise, there is always a want for the best look, style, and fit of clothing. Either for your customers or your employees, everyone likes wearing great clothing.

Have our team of experts design, prototype, and manufacturer your collection for you.

2023 Best Of State

We are proud to announce we are the Official Winner of the 2023 Best Of State in the Apparel Category. We are Grateful for the States recognition of our teams skills and talents in this industry

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